Saturday 3 August 2013

Key articles for Hotels

Here's a quick guide to the 'must read' articles for hoteliers, and a simple description of our services:

What does Dialogue do?

Dialogue enables you to take control your hotel's online reputation

Blog post: "Dialogue - managing OUT the negatives"
Blog post: "Success secrets - hotels
Blog post: "Shock/Horror! - Dialogue clients look better"

What are the results?

Dialogue gets you great reviews to your own website, great reviews to TripAdvisor and reduces negative posts to TripAdvisor. Your TripAdvisor ranking increases

Blog post: "Dialogue - 100% success for a new client" 
Blog post: "Results just keep on getting better"
Blog post: "How would you like great reviews like these?" 
Blog post: "Why has our TripAdvisor ranking fallen?" 
Blog post: "Hotels - predict your ranking on TripAdvisor"

Dynamic Display - what is it?

It draws attention to your great reviews 

Blog post: "Results - simply astounding"
Blog post: "Dynamic Display - an important update"

Feedback Manager - what is it?

We respond to all your reviews in Dialogue

Blog post: "Feedback Manager - an important addition"
Blog post: "Why do so few hotels respond to reviews on TripAdvisor?"

Why can't/shouldn't we do it ourselves?

Because doing it yourself lacks the single most important ingredient in the eyes of your potential guest: credibility

Blog post: "DIY reviews - why don't they work?"

How much does it cost?

From 5p to 9p a day per room - depending on the services you choose

Blog post: "Is your hotel's reputation worth as much as a chocolate on the pillow"

Why do our guests need Dialogue?

They welcome the opportunity to (a) thank you for a great experience and (b) tell you about any issues they experienced during their stay

Blog Post: "Why your customers need Dialogue

There's much more - just click on 'Hotels' in the cloud to the right (for clients of ReviewPro and similar services there's a relevant post here, for instance) or speak to your business member advisor.

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