Thursday 22 August 2013

Estate Agents: are your potential clients reading your reviews? - 2

One excellent benchmark is the number of 'helpful' votes:

And here's just one recent review for a client:

This client has had 96 reviews from vendors since they joined last October. And those reviews have been voted 'helpful' by over 400 visitors to their website since then.

Why would someone vote these reviews as 'helpful'? It has to be because they have given them the confidence to at least consider contacting the agent. 

One secret of this agent's success is the prominence they have given to Dialogue (and Dynamic Display) on their website (another is their commitment to getting their clients to review them). 

They are proud of their reviews (as they have every right to be - read them here) and they recognise that showing credible reviews are one of the most significant factors in influencing potential clients to take that crucial first step - contact.

To see how radically they re-designed their website to display these reviews, go here. The fact that their site remains the same some 6 months later speaks volumes.

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