Thursday 28 February 2013

Dialogue for Estate Agents - value for money?

Newspaper advertising, magazine advertising, web advertising, leaflets, flyers, door-drops, mail-drops, posters, portal promotion, sponsorship, web design, SEO and PR and so it goes on; just some of the monthly expenditure most agents are faced with. Decisions, decisions!

Here we attempt to place Dialogue in the context of this expenditure; but before we make comparisons, let's just take a moment to analyse just what all the above are designed to do: in the main they're to drive business your way. And how do we define 'your way' in 2013? 

Via your website.

And what are your potential clients looking for when they come to your website? The answer to this critical question is almost always: 'should I choose these agents to sell/let my property?' (and that, of course, is where Dialogue comes in).

Back to comparisons: Dialogue costs, at the very most, £170 per month (reducing for agents with multiple branches). How about the list in the first paragraph? Well, we know nearly as well as you do how much the average agent spends in a month on these, from leaflets and door-drops (at between £500 and £1500 a thousand) to mainstream print advertising (a half page in the Evening Standard in the £000's), web design is never less than £300 a day, and it's the same for outsourced PR. All to drive traffic to your door, and today's door? 

Your home page!
So it can look like this... 

Or it can look like this*...

The choice is yours!

* Shepherds have redesigned their home page around the core concept of verified (and therefore credible) client opinions. Has it worked? We'll leave the last word to David Simpson of Shepherds...

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