Thursday 29 April 2010

Unhappy Customers Gain Google Ranking

This article highlights how just one 'negative' review can quickly go viral, damaging the reputation of a company almost overnight, if a unhappy customer doesn't get a satisfactory response to their complaint within a reasonable time frame.  


Answer? Try these phrase searches on Google, and you’ll be brought here.

The ongoing blog post about the Kwik Fit deathtrap car blog (another popular Google search phrase at the moment) has reached great heights – more than 100 hits per day, with numerous comments on the blog post itself and the anti-fan page on Facebook.

Thursday 15 April 2010

ChannelAdvisor Catalyst: 10 real life consumers

 It is interesting to read in this article on that 6 of the 10 consumers on this particular panel used review sites but none of them had written a review.

 One of my favourite sessions at ChannelAdvisor Catalyst is the consumer panel. 10 real life consumers who are chosen at random are given no briefing on the Catalyst event tell where they buy online, what makes them use a particular site, and answer questions from retailers attending the conference. In no particular order other than as they were raised here’s some of the comments from the panel.

Friday 9 April 2010

Your Brand in their Hands

Was reading Simon Mainwaring's blog on his 'Top Ten Digital Trends for 2010" and found number ten of particular interest as it shows the importance of keeping a careful watch on what your customers are saying about you on line and responding to both positive and negative comments:
Combine the trends of social media, real time search, location sharing services and augmented reality, and it’s easy to see how digital marketing is increasingly being exercised in partnership with consumers. With data, tools and networks being accessible everywhere, consumers can interact with each other in ways of their choosing that can make or break a brand. As such the most effective digital marketing with invite contribution and celebrate participation by consumers.

Thursday 1 April 2010

Tim Norman on ‘What the customer wants’

Good article on 'ReputationOnline' by Tim Norman, sales director of Northern Europe at SDL Web Content Management Solutions, on how bands are embracing social networking to engage with their customers:

"Online customer engagement has become one of the hottest topics of the last 12 months for marketing departments of all businesses, while social media and web 2.0 tools have been heralded as the gateway for attracting and retaining customers.  These multiple channels of customer engagement are seen as the holy grail of successful business.

Yet online marketing strategies and techniques still seem to be falling short of consumer expectations.

Rating A Place Of Worship: Is It The Pious Thing To Do?

This story by Jessica Alpert on caught my attention and I am wondering whether our members would recommend their places of worship on HelpHound?  Let us know.....

"When I told a few friends that I was working on a piece about online church reviews, they looked at me blankly.  Yeah?  At least for some people, reviewing a sermon or a congregation online seems perfectly reasonable.  But as I started talking to people around the country, I found a significant percentage who could not be more horrified by the trend.

Creating business-wide content engagement strategies to increase long term customer value

Was interested to read that  61% of client and 57% of agency respondents believe that intolerance for poor customer service would increase over the next 12 months in this article by Clare O’Brien a member of the cScape Customer Engagement Unit and co-founder of CDA
So much energy in online marketing and customer engagement is focused on building customer relationships for acquisition that the place where the real relationships are fixed or broken – customer services/customer support/account management/member services – is often sidelined at the planning and resourcing stage. Whatever it’s called, it’s the point at which the often expensively acquired customer is handed over to another part of the organisation.

Good Transparency: Modern Retail

Everyone in the HelpHound office just loved this video from Transparency:

More and more of our shopping is happening online. And in the digital marketplace, shoppers write and read millions of reviews each year, transforming the way we make buying decisions—and how companies make their products. Welcome to the information-saturated world of internet retail.