Sunday 4 August 2013

Hotels - review management - a checklist

One of our clients asked for a simple checklist, here we share it with you all:
  1. Maximise email harvest: no email address, no communication with your guest - not just for Dialogue, but for your own marketing
  2. Email on checkout: not the next day, and certainly not a week later - a dissatisfied guest may not wait to post elsewhere on the web
  3. Respond to all reviews on TripAdvisor - immediately - it looks great to potential guests and it's proven to both impress future guests and promote better reviews in future
  4. Respond to all reviews in Dialogue - immediately - they've effectively written direct to you and, whether the message was positive or not, they will be expecting a reply
  5. Promote your reviews on your website - your guests' opinions influence potential guests when they visit your website: make the most of their impact by promoting them - on your home page and on other frequently visited pages
  6. Use Dynamic Display to attract attention to your reviews: not just on your home page but anywhere a potential guest can see them
  7. Ask guests if they have read your reviews on check-in: and then tell them that you will be asking them for their opinion when they check out - this greatly improvs response rates
  8. And finally: engage all your staff. Reviews should be important to everyone from the GM to the housekeepers

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