Thursday 15 August 2013

TripAdvisor's CSI - thumbs up?

TripAdvisor's customer service index (CSI) is set to become the most important benchmark for your hotel. Why?

Because it provides an easily understood indicator for potential guests, whereas rankings can be misunderstood or even meaningless: 

Hotel A has a CSI of 95%, Hotel B has a CSI of 63%, but hotel A is ranked 6 out of 55 hotels in its area and hotel B is ranked at 1 (albeit out of 4). has been scoring hotels for years now because it's so much more helpful to guests (and fairer to hotels in the end).

Not quite sure the thumb is the right way up!
 What will the effect be?

The following is ever so slightly tongue-in-cheek, but with a definite warning to hotels that don't take heed:

CSI - up to 50% - it's a big building with a sign saying 'hotel 'on it

up to 60% - it is definitely a hotel, but there has to be a better option

up to 70% - it will do if there isn't an alternative within 15 miles (500 yards in London)

up to 80% - it will do if there isn't an alternative within 5 miles (250 yards in London)

up to 90% - book it - before the room sells to someone else!

over 90% - travel miles to stay in it

over 95% - don't bother, they haven't got a room until 2015

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