Tuesday 23 January 2024

A New Year's guarantee

To be of any value a guarantee must deliver measurable positive benefits for your business. Because HelpHound is many things, depending on the position our clients find themselves in on joining, our guarantees vary depending upon that position. This post will identify those starting points and apply the relevant guarantee.

Note: we have used real Google business listings to illustrate this article. We make no comment on the individual businesses or the appropriateness or otherwise of their individual Google reviews and/or Google scores.

Starting point: Less than thirty Google reviews

The business in this example finds itself in the same position as many professional practices: it has yet to find a safe way to invite reviews to Google and it may even be cognisant of the CMA regulations that expressly forbid hand-picking clients to post reviews; it has just about kept its head above water, Google score-wise, by inviting two or three clients to write a Google review as and when it is subject to a 1* negative. It has at least one review that contravenes Google's own ToS and would undoubtedly be removed by Google were the business to submit a correctly worded appeal.



  • 100 Google reviews in 6 months

  •  A Google score of at least 4.8 within 3 months of joining

  • a 10% upift in enquiries at that point

  •  Full compliance with the CMA regulations 

Starting point: More than thirty but less than 100 Google reviews

This firm of lawyers has yet to find a compliant and effective way to invite their stakeholders to write reviews to Google; it is not as if they don't invite reviews, just that they are being invited to a site that is next to invisible in search. Can you see it in this screengrab of their Google knowledge panel in a standard Google search?

But how many potential clients never get past their Google headline of 3.9 from 50 reviews?



  • 100 Google reviews in 6 months 
  • A Google score of at least 4.8 within 3 months of joining

  • a 5% upift in enquiries at that point

  • Full compliance with the CMA regulations 


Starting point: 100+ Google reviews



A respectable headline score - 4.6 - is only partially masking a steady drip of 1* reviews. A moderated review management system would undoubtedly enable this business to address some of the issues raised before the reviewer felt the need to commit to a potentially misleading or just plain inaccurate - or indeed unfair - Google review. 



  • 10 new Google reviews per month
  • A Google score of at least 4.8 within 6 months of joining

  • Full compliance with the CMA regulations - from the date of joining 
  • More enquiries through Google searches


There you have it: a 'no lose' situation for those joining HelpHound in 2024. All the business has to do is implement HelpHound's recommendations in full* and we will guarantee your money back if the agreed results are not achieved. 

*At the outset HelpHound will conduct a full audit of the business's exposure to reviews, Google as well as others; this will form the statistical base for our recommended strategy. This strategy will be agreed and signed off by both HelpHound and our client at inception and before implementation.

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