Tuesday 18 June 2013

Dialogue™ - 100% success for a new client!

Let's keep this simple...

A (large, central London) hotel joins...

They obey all the rules for making Dialogue a success...

We review their results...

That impressive '0' doesn't mean every review posted in Dialogue was positive, far from it, but the hotel responded and the guest didn't take up our invitation to post a review on Dialogue.

And - to cap it all - 9 of the 'excellent'/'very good' reviews posted to TripAdvisor are directly attributable to Dialogue.

So, if you want:
  1.  great credible reviews on your own website
  2.  more great reviews on TripAdvisor
  3.  no negatives posted on TripAdvisor*
  4.  more direct bookings - less OTA commissions
Then join all the great hotels that have Dialogue working for them.

*Dialogue isn't about denying your guests the right to post on TripAdvisor, it's about giving you an opportunity to resolve issues yourselves before they feel the need to. All guests who post through Dialogue, positive or negative, are invited to review our clients on TripAdvisor.

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