Wednesday 12 June 2013

Feedback Manager™ - an important addition

Let HelpHound take the strain - Feedback Manager Plus

As most of you know - HelpHound's service to businesses consists of three elements...
  1. Dialogue™ - to harvest reviews and manage customer complaints in private
  2. Dynamic Display™ - to draw attention to your customers' opinions on your website
  3. Feedback Manager™ - to manage the response to those reviews
And it's the third of these we're going to focus on in this post; all research shows that your customers really appreciate 'being thanked'. Just as importantly it also shows that your prospective customers are impressed by a business that responds to reviews.

So? Two things: you will be contacted by a member of Karen's client services team about adopting Feedback Manager, and this, for the first time, will include us helping you manage responses all across the web

This can include any 'open' website - TripAdvisor for instance. HelpHound will simply act as an extension of your CRM function; you choose exactly balance of input between HelpHound and your business. 

Welcome to Feedback Manager Plus!

Important update 1-11-13: since the introduction of Feedback Manager Plus we have engaged with TripAdvisor on behalf of our clients and had great success in effecting the deletion of negative reviews where TripAdvisor T&Cs have been contravened. 

We calculate that the deletion of a single one star review for a hotel in a marketplace like London is equivalent to between 2 and 3 places in their TripAdvisor rankings. More important than that is the effect a 1* review has on direct bookings while it remains on the first three pages of the hotel's TA listing.

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