Monday 3 June 2013

Results - simply astounding

Dynamic Display turbocharges Dialogue

It is now six months since we launched Dynamic Display. We had no idea of the profound effect it would have - for all our clients - on the overall performance of Dialogue...

Early signs were encouraging: clients commented on how their customers were referencing their reviews more frequently when booking (hotels) or making appointments for valuations (estate agents). So we began to track performance, and we are now very pleased to report the results...

For hotels:
  1. An average reduction in negative reviews on TripAdvisor of over 70%
  2. Similarly rewarding results across all OTAs and social media
  3. Uplifts in TripAdvisor rankings across the board
  4. Uplifts in scores across the board
  5. Consistent reports of increases in direct bookings
For estate agents:
  1. Increases in enquiries through clients' websites
  2. Reports of enhanced conversions across the board

For all our clients:
  1. Reports of positive impacts on staff confidence and morale
  2. Dialogue helping in the recruitment process
  3. Quotes from Dialogue being incorporated in advertising and marketing
  4. Dialogue becoming increasingly influential in contract negotiations

A big thank-you to all our clients - Dynamic Display was untried when most of you adopted it - and especially to those who have taken the trouble to report your experiences 

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