Thursday 28 March 2013

Dialogue and ReviewPro/Revinate

This post will explain how Dialogue works with services like ReviewPro and Revinate. First, let's look at the excellent value this type of service can add for those in the hospitality industry...

  • Benchmarking - analysing performance against your competitors
  • OTA performance and review aggregating: analysis/social media monitoring - knowing what's being said about you online - up-to-date and with great analytical tools
  • Service analysis - helping management and staff focus on areas for improvement

So - where does Dialogue fit in?

While these services report (as they are designed to) Dialogue enables you to be proactive in influencing your online reputation... 
  • by heading off negative comments before they're posted
  • by actively inviting your customers to post reviews to sites like TripAdvisor/Google/Yelp
So, if you're a client of a service like this you will see the effect Dialogue is having across all the areas that they report to you about. They'll highlight areas for improvement, and we'll make sure that improvement is reflected in your online reputation - on TripAdvisor and the OTAs, Google+ and other review sites and social media that matter to you.


The net effect? Your improved online presence impacts directly on your bottom line.

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