Thursday 14 March 2013

A better online reputation

Below is a chart of a client's ranking on TripAdvisor since January last year - in January this year they began emailing a significant percentage of their guests with the invitation to post a review through Dialogue, and since then we have been monitoring their ranking on a weekly basis.

We think the results, even at this early stage, make interesting reading...
The slide was due entirely to the hotel not having an effective ORM mechanism until Dialogue was implemented - in other words the hotel has not undergone any fundamental changes in the last 15 months. Dialogue has put the brakes on this slide and is now enabling the hotel to climb back to where it should be in relation to its competitors. 

Dialogue is enabling them to deflect negatives away from the OTAs and back to the hotel, where they can be managed offline (and the guests' custom retained).

We will keep you posted.

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