Tuesday 5 March 2013

A Guide to the HelpHound Blog

Blogs, by their very nature, can be problematic to navigate. Ours is made more difficult by the variety of clients we have and the differing ways in which you are using Dialogue. Here we will try and make an easy to navigate guide, so you can find the posts that are relevant to your business and the way you use Dialogue...

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Specifically for Hotel/Hospitality clients

Understanding the two distinct types of TripAdvisor review writer

Comments from our hotel clients

Results achieved for our hotel clients in 2012

Boosting rankings on OTAs 

Does Dialogue give our clients an unfair advantage?

How long does it take to improve a hotels online reputation? 

Getting the silent majority to write reviews

Inviting reviews - best practice

Making money in 2013

Our clients win on Booking.com

Why ranking hotels helps no-one 

The difference between Dialogue and systems like ReviewPro 

Feedback Manager™ - doing all the work for you! 

Describing Dialogue 'in a nutshell' 

Learning from the Top 20 Hotels 

Profiting both ways - occupancy and rates

Specifically for Estate Agency clients

Comparing the value of Dialogue with other estate agency marketing

Comments from our estate agent clients

Getting clients to write reviews

Clients top Google 'Magic 7'

Why ranking estate agents helps no-one

Dynamic display working for estate agents

Describing Dialogue 'in a nutshell' 

Keep an eye on Yelp 

For all our clients

Making Dynamic Display look great

An introduction to Feedback Manager™

Dialogue v. Conventional CRM - why it works so much better

Resolution™ - how and why it works so well

Our charges - explanation and overview  

Membership 'badges' 

Posts of general interest

Credible reviews - the strongest message your website can deliver

Making your website as good as you are 

Learning from the Top 20 

Killer reviews - what are they and how to deal with them

Linking to external sites - a warning 

How does the 'helpful' button help you?

Worth a look if you have the time

Horror Story 4 - financial services

Horror Story 3 - restaurateur jailed 

Horror Story 2 - smashing guitars

Horror Story 1 - Ferrari

Last, but not least - if there is a topic that we haven't blogged about, but you think we should, please let us know - and do comment on the individual posts...

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