Tuesday 7 May 2013

Dialogue - managing OUT the negatives

Resolution working for a client

You've read the words - now see the chart. This is a live screen grab (in other words, by the time you see it it will already be out-of-date) of our in-house client monitoring system. We are showing it here because it drives home the effectiveness of Resolution...

The left-hand chart shows published reviews - the right hand chart shows reviews that were posted (by us) into Resolution over the same period. 

31 (just over 14% of all reviews received) went into Resolution. 5 - 2% - of these resulted in a published review - one 1*, one 2* and three 3*s. 

We cannot be sure that all (or any) of the 31 'negatives' would otherwise have resulted in a negative review elsewhere, but we do know that the number of 1* and 2* reviews posted on TripAdvisor for this hotel has fallen by 75%. And that's good enough for us!


  1. Thanks for this post - do you have any statistical information about the cost in terms of reduced pricing premiums that hotels can suffer if they receive a 1* review? I have seen some of the individual examples on this blog and in the media, but I wonder what the overall cost of a bad review on Tripadvisor is. Since HelpHound is making such a big difference to the number of poor reviews that are published, it would be interesting to quantify the value to a typical client.

  2. Thanks for this Ben - there has been a lot of research conducted in this area, but the complex matrix makes it difficult to precisely quantify results. So my reply is going to be subjective...

    1. A negative review hurts smaller establishments disproportionately, by remaining on the front page of the site - TripAdvisor/Yelp/G+ for longer
    2. Negatives are taken into account when scores and rankings are calculated
    3. Scores and rankings impact, certainly in the hospitality industry, on rates

    So - the answer is that we cannot precisely apply a formula (yet!) but common sense tells us that any mechanism (like Dialogue) which can maximise positives and minimise negatives must have financial benefits.


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