Tuesday 28 February 2017

Estate Agents - 5 rules that will guarantee success

HelpHound works - there's no arguing that - here's just the latest in a long line of success stories. But it only works for businesses that follow these five simple rules...

Rule 1: The business must have a tight focus on customer relationship management (CRM). 

If it ensures that...
  • telephone calls are answered within five rings
  • emails are responded to the day they are received
  • all staff are trained to focus on customer service as their first, second and third priories
...then it passes Rule 1

Rule 2: Warn your client...

Waiting until the deal is done and then asking for a review our of the blue is unprofessional - and it will not get you the results you business wants - and needs.
  • build the fact that you will be asking for a review into your pitch for new business
  • remind your client that you will be asking for a review whenever you can
...and it passes Rule 2

Rule 3: Reward your staff...

They are only human - and, besides, it works!
  • have an inter-office competition
  • organise a squash ladder
...and it passes rule 3

Rule 4: Value the reviews on your own website...

They are the ones that drive enquiries.
  • don't skip over it to Google
  • value Resolution - a single negative review can do untold harm
... and it passes rule 4

Rule 5: Take our advice...

You became clients of HelpHound because we are professionals - we live and breathe reviews in the same way as you live and breathe property - so please...
  • read our newsletters
  • subscribe to this blog (everyone in the office)
  • rely on our staff when they make recommendations for you
... and it passes rule 5

That's all - you'll thrive - we positively guarantee it!

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