Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Resolution™ - the Owner's Manual

It is high time we revisited our old friend Resolution, for established clients as well as recent adopters. Resolution is like the spare tyre in the boot of your car: you hope you never have to use it, but when you do you want to be 100% sure it works. And for that you need some instructions; here they are.

Resolution™ - an Owner's Guide

No business is perfect, and even if the business itself is pretty well near perfect, the human element (staff) are bound to have the occasional off-day. Add to this the human frailty of your customers and you owe it to your business to have a safety mechanism to make sure no unfair - and damaging - comment is posted on the web for all to see.  Resolution is that mechanism.

The process
  1. Your customer posts a review 
  2. The review is read by one of our moderators
  3. If it contains no issues it is immediately put live on your website and the reviewer is asked to copy it to Google
  4. If it contains a comment you would wish to address pre-publication, or is potentially misleading or inaccurate, our moderator will send it to you (whilst simultaneously telling the reviewer that it has been forwarded to you for comment)
  5. You respond to the reviewer: either by posting a publicly visible response next to their review on your website or in private through Resolution
  6. At the end of the Resolution process, when our moderators see that the 'conversation' has been concluded, we invite the reviewer to post their final review
Phases 3 - 6 bear closer examination...

Phase 3: Resolving issues pre-publication

No consumer wants to read inaccurate and/or misleading reviews. If those reviews do harm to the business, which they will, no-one benefits. It is an anomaly yet to be resolved that a scoring system - like the Google 1 - 5 star scoring system - does not take into account inaccurate reviews: we are often contacted by businesses that are failing the Google filter because of this. 

Phase 4: Engaging with your customer through Resolution

This works very effectively: your customer welcomes the mechanism with open arms - as a non-confrontational way to correct any misleading or inaccurate content in their review and to air and resolve any issues they may have brought to your attention.

Phase 5: Responding to the reviewer

We encourage our clients to respond through Dialogue, rather than picking up the 'phone or emailing direct. Why? Because we have plenty of experience that tells us that if your customer has chosen to communicate via Dialogue - at your invitation - then they react more positively if you respond via Dialogue. Of course you, (and we) take every case on its merits - that's one of the strengths of the system: it is infinitely flexible. On top of this, we get many comments from reviewers saying how much they welcome HelpHound's third-party involvement. Our clients also value our moderator's counsel when drafting responses.

Phase 6: Inviting the final review

This is the crucial element of the process that gives your reviews their credibility: the fact that every reviewer has a right to have their opinion heard - and are aware of this from the outset. Being able to say that to prospective customers wins business. The fact that so few reviewers who have posted through Resolution go on to publish a final review is tribute to the effectiveness of the system in resolving issues - it is a fantastic CRM tool - and wholeheartedly welcomed by consumers. 

A Case History

We have one client which to date has had over 70 cases through Resolution (across multiple branches). Only four of these of these have resulted in a final published review, either on their Dialogue modules and on Google. They currently score between 4.7 and 4.9 on their own modules (with over 800 reviews there) and between 4.5 and 5.0 on Google (with over 600 reviews there). It goes without saying that this is a well-managed and thoroughly consumer-focused business - as HelpHound clients are, by definition.


Over the years of seeing thousands of conversations in Resolution we have built up a wealth of experience, so please do ask for our advice if you are in any doubt as to how a response should be worded.


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