Tuesday 9 February 2016

Estate Agents - benefits of membership

We recently conduced a round of review meetings with our estate agency clients. Here we show you the results, in the form of a dry checklist (no pretty pictures in this post), of the elements of our - surprisingly wide-ranging - service that they told us they value...

Directly financial...
  • Dialogue drives enquiries through your websites: showing verified (and therefore credible) reviews encourages potential clients to make the initial contact
  • Dialogue aids conversion: many are the tales of potential clients 'closing themselves' after reading our clients' great reviews
  • Looking great on Google: drives enquiries, reinforces the sale and gives you an edge over your competitors before you even meet the client
  • PPC savings: some of our clients have been able to significantly reduce (and, in at least one case, suspend entirely) their PPC spend
  • Increased commission: great reviews are providing a convincing answer to the time-honoured question 'why should I pay you X% when your competition is offering X% minus?'
Pure customer service...
  • Great feedback: clients love writing reviews, and review writing is fast becoming accepted as the best way of thanking a business for great service
  • Complaints managed offline: client issues are resolved in private, through Dialogue, rather than being aired on Google or one of the estate agent review sites
 Detailed review management...
  • Appealing negative reviews: No-one, consumer, business or Google, benefits from unfair and inaccurate reviews. Our advice has resulted in many such reviews being deleted (if you are reading this and you think you have been subject to such a review, contact us immediately)
  • Drafting responses to reviews: clients often contact us for advice on the precise wording of responses, to all kinds of reviews, wherever they may have been posted
  • Managing your Google pages: Seldom does a business join without some issues surrounding their Google pages; either they have multiple pages or none, or pages contain incorrect information. We will lead you through the minefield that can be Google for Business
Social Media...
  • Establishment and management of your G+ account(s): We provide initial and ongoing advice on this important subject, including 'claiming your business' (for each and every branch), getting duplicate pages deleted and maintaining relevant content
  • Facebook: posting and displaying reviews from Dialogue
  • Twitter: feeding reviews through to your Twitter account(s)
  • Independent review sites: just because Google is currently the place to have your reviews (and will probably remain so for the foreseeable future) doesn't mean that the independent sites should be ignored. We keep a watching brief over them on your behalf 
Ongoing advice  
  • Communication: we reckon we were the first people outside Google to spot the introduction of their review filter (within hours of its introduction).  How important was that for some of our clients? We keep an eye on everything review-related on our clients' behalf - from reading the Google blogs to monitoring changes at search engines and review websites - and advise accordingly. We recommend that all our clients (and key staff) subscribe to this blog
  • Client service: Karen Hutchings and her team are there to be consulted about any aspect of any of the above - it's all part of our service to our members; call her!

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