Wednesday 22 February 2017

Winkworth Kennington - a template for success

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Winkworth Kennington have really made their HelpHound membership pay dividends. In this article we will go into their story in some depth in the hope that others, whether clients of HelpHound or those at the stage where they are considering coming aboard, may learn from their experience.


   Winkworth Kennington in Google search just eighteen months ago

We first met with Nigel Field and Loran Absalom nearly two years ago. Nigel has a reputation, both within Winkworth and across the world of estate agency, of being extremely marketing savvy and open to new ideas.  

They both saw the potential that publicly visible reviews had to drive business - they were already making considerable efforts to gain client feedback -  and were particularly reassured by two aspects of HelpHound's approach: 

  • HelpHound are professional review managers, not a review website, and as such have our clients' interest at heart all through the relationship - they would be Winkworth's own reviews, displayed on their own website, with HelpHound providing the mechanism and the independent verification that is so crucial if reviews are to have credibility in the eyes of the consumer
  • our Resolution™ system, because it balances the interests of the business and the consumer by allowing the business an opportunity to address potentially misleading reviews pre-publication. It removes the fear every business has of inviting harmful or damaging reviews


With Nigel's full support Loran has driven the successful integration of professional review management into the day-to-day life of the office. The negotiators have built reviews into their initial pitch at valuation and see that thread through to the review that is written on their branch website and then to Google. 

Loran's feedback to us at HelpHound has enabled us to improve not just our service to Winkworth Kennington but has even resulted in a fundamental change to our own procedures that will benefit all our clients in the future (watch this space!).


Winkworth Kennington are the best looking agent in their area in local search, desktop:

And mobile:

That message is reinforced when their potential clients visit their website:

  The scrolling carousel of review snippets to the right of our module draws the visitor's eye (to see it in action just visit their website) and our verification lends the crucial element of credibility

The 'Write your review' button:

 This small button is so important: it is what gives the whole system its credibility - by allowing anyone to write a review whenever they choose - and, crucially, ensures that the business complies with CMA regulations

The reviews themselves:  

The message from Kennington is clear: they value the reviews on their own site just as much, if not more, than the reviews they have on Google (and they are not alone - Greene & Co negotiators, for instance, print their reviews out and carry them in their vendors' packs when on valuations)

Their overall scores...

...give potential clients confidence at a glance

Their promise to publish:

... adds the crucial element of credibility

They display their reviews in their office window...

...which catches the eye of passersby

 And they have got nearly half of those reviews across to Google:

Which means looking great in the Google Knowledge Panel:

 Score - 4.8, absolute number of reviews - 40 and rising and, perhaps most important of all in terms of driving enquiries - the three rich snippets

And this is what they think of HelpHound:



In summary

Winkworth Kennington are an exemplar because they have taken both our software and our advice and driven it through the entire office, from management through their negotiators to their support staff all of whom 'now walk to work with an extra spring in their step'. And that's how we want all our clients to feel!


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