Monday 13 March 2017

HelpHound and the Marketing professions - everyone wins

HelpHound - solving the reviews conundrum for you and your clients - and their customers    

 Just a small selection of the hundreds or review sites that businesses and consumers have to contend with. Is it surprising that professional review management has a vital role to play?

HelpHound is not a review site - we are review managers. That means we provide businesses and their advisers with professional review management, that we are your guide through the minefield that is the world of reviews - choosing whichever solution benefits each individual client and their customers, now and for the future.

Reviews - maximising the benefits whilst minimising the disadvantages

The Strand Palace Hotel, one of central London's largest (800 rooms) four star hotels uses HelpHound to host reviews on its own site to encourage direct bookings,helpHound enables the hotel to manage guest issues offline and enhance its rankings and scores across the web

Every business on the planet loves reviews - in theory. It is only when they experience the downsides that they back away - and often disengage altogether.

What can go wrong with reviews? Let's see...
  • they can be factually incorrect - or just plain misleading - reviews can be written
  • malicious reviews can be posted - by competitors or ex-employees
  • human nature and human behaviour on the web - means that an unhappy consumer is an estimated fifteen times more likely to write a review
  • a business can engage with a review site, only to find that it's the wrong review site (because it lacks visibility in search, doesn't comply with CMA rules or simply vanishes - Yelp, the biggest reviews site on the planet packed its bags and left the UK last year)
 But when you get it right...

Our standard module on a client's website - covering their three branches -and driving enquiries and new business. It could be any kind of business - from accountancy to a zoo - HelpHound adds value for everyone
  • reviews drive enquiries
  • reviews drive business
  • reviews improve staff morale
  • reviews form the basis for great PR and marketing
  • reviews support advertising
HelpHound's role...

 Two businesses - with very different Google scores. You, even as an experienced marketing professional, will almost certainly be thinking 'Well, I won't be using the one on the left' when the only difference between the two is the one on the right is a HelpHound client to ensure our clients - and their professional advisers - have mechanisms in place to ensure that they make the very best of these positives whilst minimising any negatives.

We will work with you to make sure your clients...

Working with Winkworth Plc and Homeflow to ensure maximum impact on their website
  • display great credible reviews on their own websites
  • go on to deploy those reviews on the sites that give them maximum visibility

 When Winkworth became clients their average branch had 2 Google reviews and - self-evidently - none on their own site. These now feed through to organic search - top left (with star rating directly derived from their HelpHound verified reviews) and under 'Reviews from the web' in the knowledge panel. All the 41 Google reviews are thanks to HelpHound - and the important rich snippets are gleaned from them by Google

  • enabling them to manage all the 'disadvantages' through our Resolution™ mechanism

 All good businesses - whether large (Greene & Co - part of Countrywide Plc) or a small independent (like Sussex Oven Cleaning) benefit from professional review management

In addition...

   combine your design with HelpHound's software and professional expertise
  • by using our API you and your client have full design control and flexibility - to show verified reviews on your clients' websites, in the locations you choose and with design to complement their branding

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