Sunday 19 March 2017

No better proof...

...than your own clients' opinions. How often do we say that? Well, this month Winkworth went live with their new website. Their head office asked for some comments on HelpHound for their internal newsletter.

We are proud to publish them here...

There is no reason why every single client of ours should not have exactly the same experience as these five. If you doubt this - please accept our challenge and try HelpHound for your business.

Additional notes:

  1.  We are gratified that the words 'support'and 'help' are used more than once in these comments. If you run a mass-market business - online retail, travel etc. - it is often enough to simply invite reviews by email and you are up and running; a very low response rate will soon give you enough reviews to look great. But if you have a low-volume high-value business such as estate agency or wealth management, or your business is B2B - professional services like accountancy, legal advice or advertising - you will need considerable support, both initial and ongoing, to achieve consistently good results. It is partly the quaility of that support that ensures we can guarantee such great results for all our clients.
  2. Winkworth's new site goes live - a detailed examination of everything HelpHound has incorporated into their website and into the Google searches for their branches.
  3. If you are considering any other reviews service you should first read this.

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