Saturday 9 November 2013

Hotels - looking forward to 2014

Building on Proven Success

2013 has been a very big year for us at HelpHound: supported by and in constant conversation our clients we have learned so much more about how many benefits Dialogue can bring.

Here we are going to share this with you all (we’ve linked to the relevant detailed articles)...

  • The positive effect on any (and every) given hotels’ online reputation is proven
  • The direct link between improvement in online reputation (rankings on TripAdvisor, scores on and the other OTAs, and, increasingly important, Google and increased revenue is proven
  • The effect of Feedback Manager Plus - responding to reviews on our clients' behalf - is proven
  • The success of combining Dialogue with back-end systems like ReviewPro and Revinate to refine guest feedback and aid guest retention is proven

On top of this, the experience we have gained in managing the process for our hotel clients has proved invaluable: how to maximize the harvest of guest emails and dovetailing our systems with the hotels’ PMS – crucial to the effective operation of Dialogue – is making the whole process easier and much more effective for our clients.

To summarise

There are no longer any lingering doubts about the effectiveness of Dialogue and its ability to drive revenue for hotels. We are able to positively guarantee that Dialogue will produce results, no matter where your hotel is currently ranked 

  • If you're number 1 - Dialogue will considerably enhance you chances of remaining there
  • If you're anywhere but number 1 - Dialogue will improve your ranking
  • Dialogue will ensure that you can maintain and increase RevPAR
  • Dialogue will positively impact on your guest retention rates

Come aboard!

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