Sunday 18 November 2012

Learn from the Top 20

If you look at the shining examples (and the hotel industry, which has been subject to consumer reviews more and for longer than any other is a good case in point) - you will see that hotels that rank in the top 20 out of over 1000 hotels in London on TripAdvisor aren't always the obvious ones (the Ritz is at 47, Claridges 63, the Connaught 135 and the Westbury at 329).

So what are the top hotels on TripAdvisor doing right? The answer is simple: they have strategies in place to manage their online reputations.

The benefits: higher occupancy, higher relative rates, better staff morale (and retention) and maybe best of all - more direct bookings from returning guests who don't need to check their online reputations at all.

While Dialogue cannot guarantee you a place in the top 20, it can help you do what so many of the top 20 hotels are doing at a fraction of the cost - and a fraction of the effort

On top of that...

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...showing credible reviews on your own website to attract more direct bookings.

All it takes is an email, Dialogue will do the rest.

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