Sunday 18 November 2012

Don't think they're reading about you?

Helpful votes are a good guide to the number of people actually reading a review...

One of our directors wrote a review of a small hotel in France in June this year - the hotel gets about 1 review a week from guests, but just look how many potential guests have read that review in the last four months (and it's now down on page 3 of their TripAdvisor listing). 

He's a bit miserable about the number of 'helpful' votes he's received, but we don't think that's a particular reflection on his review, just a good guide to the proportion of readers who bother to vote (about one in 75).

This is also a good rule of thumb for our clients to apply to their reviews on Dialogue...

Click to enlarge
...on that basis just how many people have read this review on a client's Dialogue module?

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