Monday 25 November 2013

Responding to reviews - kill two birds with Dialogue

A survey by Choice Hotels Europe has identified the amount of time their hotel management are spending addressing and responding to online reviews - and it can be up to half a day a week.

Now, we're firm believers that it's part of a modern hotelier's job to address their online reputation, but there may come a point when this is at the expense of service in-hotel; and that is why we introduced Feedback Manager™.

To remind everyone what Feedback Manager does:
  • We respond to all your reviews in Dialogue on your behalf, thanking those who posted positive reviews and answering those which incorporate criticisms or suggestions (referring to you as necessary)
  • All negatives are sent to you for comment and input before we post a response
  • Every review is sent to your nominated inbox as soon as it is posted
  • Every response is sent to your nominated inbox as soon as that is posted 

With Feedback Manager Plus:
  • The same for all your reviews on TripAdvisor and Google
This ensures:
  • all your guests' comments are responded to 
  • in a timely fashion - before they resort to posting negatives elsewhere

And Feedback Manager is excellent value for money: just add up what a half-day a week over a full year is costing (a) in pure time alone and then (b) in distracting the GM (or someone in a very senior position - you won't be delegating your review management to an inexperienced member of staff) from their other responsibilities.

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