Monday 28 March 2016

Estate Agents: Making the most of Dialogue™

As the title suggests, this article is aimed at new(er) clients, but will hopefully be of interest to prospective clients (as a guide to what to expect as a HelpHound member) and for all our existing clients as a checklist to make sure you are fully up to speed.

Why you adopted Dialogue™: a reminder 

 To look like this on your own website?

 And to look like this on Google?

Consumer feedback on your services (and on individual staff performance) is fine; looking great on your own website and on external sites - mainly Google - that influence your prospective clients is even better. But the core reasons are:
  • to drive visitors to your own website through Google search
  • to drive enquiries through your own website
  • to support sales
In other words: to boost profitability.

In this post we list the key articles (out of nearly 500 since 2008) you should read to fully understand Dialogue and its effect on your business's profitability.

The first, and the most important: Reviews: your customer's journey; describes how good review management leads prospective customers through the web to your business.

Benefits of Membership: is a thorough guide to what to expect from day 1 of joining HelpHound.

Next: Making the best of Dialogue. Follow this simple 5-step guide and your business will look great, on your own site and on Google, in no time at all.

No time at all? See Estate Agency Case Histories: the Fastest Yet for a description of a recent new client's journey from having no reviews on Google to a score of 4.9 out of 5 in less than a week.

Longer term results: What a Difference a year Makes: taking a multi-branch client with no Google scores on any of their branches to emphatic scores across all their branches and appearances in all their Google 3-packs in their first year of membership.

Independent review sites: Yesterday's answer to today's question. Why we focus on your own website and Google rather than external review sites.

And some that are recommended reading if you have more time:

Don't risk being filtered by Google: On 1 January this year Google introduced their Review Filter; enabling users to filter our businesses without a Google score or with a score of less than 4 out of 5. Google haven't applied it to estate agents yet, but they are sure to in the not-too-distant future. Make sure you are ready.

Don't risk asking your clients to post direct to Google: this article amplifies the two main reasons: first, that you risk encouraging a harmful negative review and second, and just as important, you miss out on the review on your website that may just be the one that decides your prospective client to make contact.

Finally: there's the Big Daddy: An introduction to reviews - 2016 style. This covers all the possible ways you can incorporate reviews into your marketing.

For even further reading this is a link to all the articles on our blog that specifically relate to estate agency. If you subscribe - half way down the right-hand column - you will receive every one hot off the press.

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