Monday 21 March 2016

What can we learn from: Publishers and Booksellers?

We make no apology for harping on about learning the most we can from the ways businesses use reviews. In this instance, somewhat unusually, we are focusing on a profession that has been using reviews to sell products since the dawn of time...


 Reviews - albeit usually by fellow authors - appear on almost every cover

And - maybe because they had plenty of experience of the power of reviews pre-web - has adapted pretty well to the on-line power of reviews as well...

  Amazon writes to every purchaser inviting a review - it knows for certain that reviews move product (and - as you know - not just in the realm of books)

The lessons? Please, please put aside your own prejudices - if you have any - against reviews and/or reviewers - and engage. Have a look at your own cover (a.k.a home page) and ask "Would our customer opinions - reviews - professionally displayed with independent verification - help drive more business through our website?"

...and Waterstones give them prominence as well

The only sure-fire way to know the answer to that question is to try it out. Become more bookseller - get reviews driving custom through your door.

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