Tuesday 29 March 2016

OTA Commissions: Hilton fights back

Here's Hilton Honors' campaign designed to encourage their guests to book direct:

It addresses half the problem: the perception that guests will get a better deal by booking through an OTA.

The other half? Your potential guests' insatiable thirst for reviews - and by reviews we mean words and pictures. To satisfy this demand the hotel needs independently verified reviews hosted on their own site - preferably right next to their booking engine. Then - at last - perhaps they may have a solution. We'll - at least half a solution, which has to be better than none at all.

  Here's the Venetian in Macao's 'Best Rate Guarantee'

Our suggestion for the 'price' half? Well, it's really none of our business as professional review managers, but how about a banner with "Guaranteed best rate available" on your site, accompanied by a John Lewis type 'refund the difference' policy?

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