Tuesday 17 June 2014

Estate agents - Blog summary - 2014

We've been blogging for over four years now, and in that time we have written over 300 articles. To help everybody here we post a list of 'must reads'. This is designed to help existing and prospective clients keep abreast of review management in general and developments with Dialogue in particular. 
  • Do you remember Bebo? How dominant Google has become where reviews are concerned, and how other review sites are set to decline


  • Reviews - the future - we all have to keep looking ahead, and this post highlights what we think will happen in the next 1-3 years - the major impact on review management will be the increasing dominance of Google, making small sites increasingly less influential 

  • Credibility - a Cornerstone of Dialogue - one of the major reasons Dialogue is able to drive business is that your prospective clients know the reviews are written by real clients with any editing or selection by you. This Q&A answers all their (and your) questions about that credibility

  • Everyone loves a Case History - and here's the story of just one client's first year with Dialogue
  • Stop using Testimonials - Now! Not our original thinking, but a repeat of a blog post by respected US web analyst Dave Linabury 

If you find that there is a little repetition, we make no apology (especially in the case of Google) for review management is increasingly forming a key plank of every serious business's marketing strategy, and repeating some of the essential points that all businesses must address is, as we see it, simply part of our responsibility to our clients.

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