Thursday 21 August 2014

Dialogue for new clients - it's a 2 stage process

Very few businesses look like this when we first meet them!

With Google reviews ever in the ascendancy the day is fast approaching (maybe even for hotels!) that your Google rating is going to be the only one that matters.

This simplifies both our jobs, and it makes life hugely easier for your potential customers: Google is house-training them to look for reviews in one place, and one place only*.

For our new clients that neatly defines our mission into two distinct phases:

Phase 1: Get the business a [great] Google ranking and star rating

Many (most?) of our clients begin with nil...


Or predominantly negative reviews...

This is because people really don't write reviews in any volume at all unless they are asked to, or (and this is an important 'or') they are unhappy. That's why so many businesses look so bad on Google.

We address this first phase on the day you join; you should see the results overnight (literally) - you will go from looking like one of the above to this:

Or this:

Phase 2: Maintain that ranking and rating

To continue to drive new business and enable you to manage complaints in private. To get your business from Phase 1 to complete security on Google and complete peace of mind where reviews are concerned. To show those reviews on your own website and on Google so prospective customers...
  • book your hotel
  • instruct your estate agency
  • dine in your restaurant

Oh - and one post script for those out there that still doubt Google's influence: it's increasing by the day. Your prospective customers don't have to look for reviews on Google; Google are showing them even when someone just wants your phone number or address. 

Potential customers put off by negative reviews won't tell you (but they might tell us and your competitors) so it's difficult to directly quantify their effect, but considering that Dialogue takes up less than 5 minutes a day, why take that risk?

*We have alluded to this before: we predict that independent review websites, whether they be small independent sites specialising in single markets or large and currently influential sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp will wither and fade because they will not be able to compete with Google. There won't be room for two sources of reviews and Google, as the gatekeeper to the web, will always win.

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