Monday 11 August 2014

Another week - another London restaurant gets roasted

But 'What has this got to do with HelpHound?' we hear you ask...

If we make a pretty safe assumption: that this restaurant (and all the others that Gill, Coren and their compatriots earn their living reviewing week-in week-out) is doing its level best, then wouldn't it have been much better if they'd had Dialogue working for them?
  • If people had criticisms, they would have been delivered straight to the restaurant, privately
  • If people liked the restaurant, they would have been able to say so, on the restaurant's own site and on Google
In the first instance the restaurant would have been able to react and make changes, hopefully before this killer review was written, in the second it would have at least been in the position of knowing, for sure, that A A Gill was in a minority.


Very simply: ask each and every diner for their email address and tell them you will be inviting them to go to your website and leave a review (you could even hand them a card with the bill, but be sure to collect it before they leave), and HelpHound will do the rest.

Dialogue: know what your diners think, react to each and every comment (privately for negatives) and be comprehensively reassured that your customers love what you are doing, even if the press don't always agree.

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