Wednesday 25 June 2014

Estate Agents: Google 'Denial' is not an option

It is so simple that it has been overlooked by the majority of estate agents. What is it? It's the impact your Google star rating will have once you have the first five qualifying reviews.

Let's look at a real-life example: this agent currently has four reviews and so no star rating...

Just one more review, and their listing could be well on the way to looking something very like this:

Helpful? We don't think so. 

So what strategy to adopt? Get Dialogue on board and get your staff focussed on driving your reviews to Google - now, before your Google star rating bites back.

A P.S. for those as yet unconvinced....

...You have no preconceptions about the local agents; which one gets your first call? And (maybe even more importantly) if you end up with an average showing less than 4 full stars: which one doesn't get a call at all?

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