Tuesday 17 June 2014

Our hotel clients - and their success with TripAdvisor

At HelpHound we are taking 'best practice' and adding value. So what do we mean by 'best practice'? 

Best Practice

Let's set out what we know is working for the best ranked hotels on TripAdvisor:
  1. They run a good hotel (not necessarily a great hotel)
  2. They have a very tight focus on review management
  3. They actively invite their guests to post reviews
Now let's examine each of these in more detail:

They run a good hotel (not necessarily a great hotel)

Your hotel's not going to rank well in your city or area unless it's delivering guest satisfaction, but if it is and it is not ranking in the top 5% you can be sure that there's plenty of room for improvement.

They have a very tight focus on Review Management

We are constantly asked "What is review management?" and our answer is simple: "If you have to ask you are not doing it."

In its broadest sense it is an awareness throughout the hotel's staff, from doorman to GM, that each and every guest is a potential reviewer. After that it is having recognised procedures in place to ensure that:
  • happy guests write reviews
  • unhappy guests bring their concern to the hotel and don't write reviews

They actively invite their guests to post reviews

They don't leave it to chance, it is considered part of every guest-facing member of staff's job to identify potential reviewers and encourage them to post. They go much further than simply handing departing guests a leaflet. We know this partly because we know the hotels in question and partly because we can tell from the ratio of rooms to reviews.

Rooms to reviews?

We monitor this statistic very carefully: take the number of reviews you have had in the past month and divide it by the number off rooms in your hotel you will achieve a figure; if it's less than 1 review for every 7 rooms (e.g. If you have 100 rooms and you have less than 14 reviews) you need to address review management (London's top ranked hotel, for instance, achieves a review per month for every 3.8 rooms).

Now - overlay HelpHound's Dialogue:

Take the number of positive reviews you receive and increase that number by 27%.

Take the number of negative reviews you receive and reduce them by 76%...

This is taken from a previous post - see it in full here

The result will always be better with Dialogue, and we guarantee that, but how much better will be determined by how much you and your staff engage with the other aspects of review management.

And please use us: we are professional review managers with over seven years of experience and we pride ourselves that we can add tremendous value for our clients, you only have to ask.

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