Wednesday 21 May 2014

Credibility - a cornerstone of Dialogue

To us it's a given - so much so that we probably don't mention it as often as we should. In this post we will address the issue of credibility from your customers' perspective. 

This Q & A is written as if one of your customers was asking the questions to you (the business).

Q. What happens when I post a complimentary review?

A. It first goes to HelpHound where their moderators read it, and then it's posted to our website for everyone to see.

Q. What if it's not complimentary? 

A. HelpHound's moderators will send it straight to us so we can try to resolve whatever issue you have raised.

Q. So HelpHound filters out the negatives?

A. No - you always have the right to post whatever review you want, at any time. But we use HelpHound because the overwhelming majority of our customers write this kind of review because they have an issue they want resolved (HelpHound call the process 'Resolution'), and we want to be able to resolve it.

Q. I know some services like this allow you to choose which reviews are shown at the top

A. Yes, but not HelpHound. With Dialogue you choose, it automatically defaults to the most recent ('latest'), but you can choose to view 'worst' first if you wish.

Q. So if I want to voice whatever issue I have with your business in public, I can do that with Dialogue?

A. Yes, but we will have been given a chance to 'resolve' for you it first. If you remain unhappy you always have the right to post publicly (and we can respond publicly).

Q. What role do HelpHound play in all this?

A. They provide a watching brief: they make sure that we respond quickly and fairly. And at the end of the process they invite you to post a final visible review.

Q. Why use HelpHound? Why not just deal efficiently with complaints yourselves?

A. In this internet age we need visitors to our website to be able to reassure themselves that we are good at what we do, credibly. We acknowledge that simply publishing customer opinions that we have gathered ourselves will lead to that credibility being questioned, so we use HelpHound as an independent agency to do it for us. Here's what they say at the top of all our reviews:

But, of course, no business is perfect (just look at our reviews, we're not rated 5 stars by all our customers), but we want an opportunity to correct our mistakes. In that way HelpHound enables us to achieve two objectives: showing, credibly, what our customers think of us, and resolving the (hopefully) small number of mistakes and misunderstandings that occur with even the best businesses.

Q. Assuming that you are paying HelpHound, how can they be considered independent?

A. HelpHound's (and therefore our) reputation rests on the credibility of the service they provide to us and our customers. If any single customer of any client of theirs found that their ability to post whatever they wanted was in any way impeded the whole object of our relationship would be rendered null and void. HelpHound's own credibility rests entirely on their ability to remain independent of us.

Q. Of course, I can always post somewhere else?

A. And we are fully aware of that, that's one of the main reasons we adopted Dialogue: so we could give our customers an effective modern communications tool that they would actively choose to use.

And finally: If you have any lingering doubts, post through Dialogue and experience it in action for yourself, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

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