Wednesday 2 April 2014

What to expect when you join - Estate Agents

2014 was the year that brought the benefits of membership for estate agents into sharp focus: up until then we had been concerned that populating external sites (Google, AllAgents etc.) would be a major concern. Whilst this remains part-and-parcel of our wider remit it is now abundantly clear that Dialogue has become the key tool in our cleints' armoury to...

  • Drive enquiries through their websites
  • Drive conversions

Both these bear closer examination (with no apologies at all for repeating and updating some of the content of previous blog posts). 

Driving enquiries 

You don't need us to tell you that the initial enquiry is your life blood, but to look at some agents' websites you might not believe it: the same hackneyed old self-serving blurb about how experienced they are (who says so?) and how much local knowledge they have (ditto).

Dialogue enables our clients to answer the questions that are right at the forefront of their potential clients' minds:

"What sort of job does this agent do for their clients?"

"Are they reliable?"

"Are they professional?"

Show Dialogue on your home page and potential clients will flow your way...

Reviews referenced three times

Driving Conversions

Dialogue is being used more and more as a tool to drive conversions. Showing credible client opinions to potential clients, opinions that address the concerns of those potential cleints head-on, gets the instruction...

Let's look at a 'real-life' example: you are with a potential client who is concerned that you may be like the 'other agents he's heard about' who don't follow through with great service once they have the instruction... you show him this:

Helpful? To you both? You bet!

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