Thursday 24 April 2014

Dialogue for hotels - working unseen

There are cases where we have Dialogue working away behind the scenes for hotel clients. Imagine you have no issues with occupancy or OTA commissions, but you do care where you rank (and score) on TripAdvisor, Google and (your ranking influences your rates); what can Dialogue do for you unseen?

Well - here are some figures for a client over the last 12 months (all are per 100 rooms to spare blushes!):

Positive reviews posted to Dialogue: 213

Negative (1*/2*) reviews captured by Dialogue: 43

Positive (4*/5*) reviews re-posted to TripAdvisor: 26

Negative reviews re-posted to TripAdvisor: 0

The effect on the hotel's TripAdvisor ranking 

And it need not take long - the yellow line is 'actual' (since joining) and the green line is 'before joining' (actual) and after joining (using our predictor algorithm)

In this case referred to in the statistics above the hotel's ranking rose by 17% over the period. But it is important to remember that the effect will be relative: if you have an experience or event that might otherwise drive your ranking down - no air-conditioning in last year's heatwave, for example, or a noisy wedding party - Dialogue will be doing its job by stopping your rankings and scores from falling. And remember Dialogue can only head off negative reviews and drive positives if you collect the guests' email addresses*. The higher proportion of these you gather the better the results will be.

It is also important to remember that, especially for highly-ranked hotels, a major part of Dialogue's role will be in maintaining your ranking and making sure that the absolute minimum number of negatives appear on TripAdvisor to put potential guests off booking.

*Clients have found that email success is greatly improved if the email address is collected on check-in, checked for legibility and then reconfirmed with the guest, either during their stay or on check-out. Guests do not resent this, especially if it is explained that the email will only be used for their benefit (to understand how their stay was, and to let them know future offers).

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