Tuesday 15 August 2017

Reviews: How far behind can you afford to fall?

Here are screenshots, taken today, of two similar businesses we met over two years ago...

  When Greene & Co joined these three locations had zero, zero and three reviews respectively, very like the business on the right (and I'm sure they won't mind admitting - it's a matter of public record after all - that those three were not quite as complimentary!),

 ...the difference? Nothing discernible - except the one on the left has been a client of ours since then (and, apparently, keeps longer hours!).

The latest review from one of the four categoiries of reviews - buyer/seller/landllord/tenant - on a single branch. Just how reassuring do you think a review like this is for someone considering using this business?

We don't know about the second business, but we do know that Greene & Co a very pleased indeed to be where they are today - both on their own website and on Google. And not just because they look great in both places - which they do. They have found that, in consequence:
  • they get more enquiries, both direct and through their website
  • they win more instructions - their negotiators carry their reviews with them - usually on an iPad
  • they look great - in search and on their own website - by comparison with their competitors
  • office morale is boosted - even estate agents enjoy reading just how good a job they have done!
  • feedback has become a useful management tool
  • they can relax about 'having the right reviews solution' and, importantly, compliance with the CMA regulations

What made Greene & Co join*? In a single word? Trust. They trusted us with their reputation, and they trusted us to give them the best advice and follow that up with a professional service. And the ensuing results have proved us both right.

*Of course there was more, much more - and it's encapsulated in the articles on this blog and, right up-to-date, in this presentation

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