Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Recruitment and reviews

This month our first two recruitment consultants joined HelpHound. So we took a long hard look at that discipline - and compared it to one we know well: estate agency.

There are many things that separate recruitment from estate agency - but we are betting we can add one more to your list: reviews.

Have a look at this random selection of recruitment specialists...

None have yet found a solution that has given them the confidence to proactively engage with reviews - many have no reviews at all, some have a handful - and often those are damagingly negative in both score and content

 And now for some estate agencies...

 Reviews a-plenty

What is the difference?

One thing, and one thing only: estate agencies have tuned in to the power of reviews. So, we ask ourselves; why have estate agents stolen such a pronounced march on recruitment? For two main reasons...
  • historically, an unhappy tenant had the motivation to write a negative review to Google (often as not, complaining about non-return of deposits). Once that had happened the agency had its own motivation to get its happy clients to post reviews. 
  • competition: once one agency learned what a powerful influence reviews were - for good, for driving new business - the word soon spread

There is absolutely on reason why a business in the world of recruitment, currently looking like this in search:

Should not be looking as good as this: 

 Great reviews, and so many as to be convincing; a great score and great 'rich snippets' (the three quotes Google displays in search)  

And this (on the business's own site):

     Reviews like this, hosted on the business's own site, are proven to drive both enquiries and business

Come on in - and get the benefits of professional review management flowing.


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