Monday 21 November 2016

Think like a consumer - it's Google all the way

Not a day goes by when we are not asked about an independent review website. From the biggies like Yelp and TripAdvisor to the minnows that focus on every business niche.

Some review sites are great and some not so (TripAdvisor's forums are a huge resource for local travel advice, for instance). But that's to miss the bigger picture: and the bigger picture is Google.

It doesn't matter how comprehensive a review site is, it's always going to play second fiddle to Google reviews - for two reasons:

The first almost everyone gets: Google reviews always show first in search.

The second less so: consumers simply cannot - and don't have to - be bothered to use a different review site for each and every need as they journey through life. Think about it - with your consumer head on...

You need a plumber? CheckaTrade or Google?

You need a lawyer? LawyerReviews or Google?

You need a financial adviser? IFADirect or Google?

You need a doctor? NHSChoices or Google?

You need an estate agent? AllAgents or Google?

You need a restaurant? Hardens or Google?

You need a hotel? or Google?

You need a ... you get the point? 

We're guessing most of you are with us now. If the web was born today, no-one would be inventing an independent review website - because Google dominates that space. 

Now - there are two more points to make:

Get with Google

If your business does not have reviews on Google you need them - now. If your competitors don't have reviews on Google that's no reason not to - its an opportunity to get a head start.

Get with Review Management

One of the main reasons - perhaps the only reason - some businesses have not adopted a proactive review management strategy is fear. A completely understandable fear of 'unfair' negative reviews appearing prominently in every search. 

That's where review management comes in - a mechanism that will enable you to manage inaccurate or misleading reviews pre-publication will give you the confidence to address Google reviews head-on. And that's where HelpHound comes in. HelpHound invented professional review management.


 This is what a HelpHound client looks like in search - do you think the score (in the Google knowledge panel and in natural search), the number of reviews and the rich snippets drives business? And how do their competitors who have focussed on an independent site feel? 

 And the 200+ reviews on their website?

Professional review management will ensure your reviews appear where you need them most:
  • on Google
  • on your own website
  • on other platforms that matter* - Facebook and social media
 *if there are influential review sites - now, or in the future - where you need a presence, we will advise accordingly. Our hotel clients still need to look great on TripAdvisor - for the time-being - so we ensure they do.

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