Tuesday 22 November 2016

Review Management for Hotels - an update

It is not often we simply say 'More of the same' in an update like this, but this time we say it with pride - and an added kicker.

First the 'Pride':

If you want...
  • More positive reviews - anywhere - TripAdvisor, Google or on any of the open review sites
  • Less negative reviews - and by this we mean less one, two and three star reviews - on any of the sites above and Booking.com and then the aggregators (Trivago etc.)
  • More direct bookings - driven by having independently verified reviews on your own website
  • More repeat bookings - by enabling you to resolve issues with unhappy guests
...then HelpHound will do all that - from the day you join. For any hotel - or restaurant, or spa, or conference venue - guaranteed (or your money back!).

The kicker?

You may already be investing significantly, both financially and in human resources, in-house, targeting these same objectives. We once lost a client (it's a rare occurrence!) - a significant London 4 star establishment - because management wanted to see if the hotel could go it alone. 

More positive reviews - less negative reviews - for any hotel

So they invested significantly in both guest relations (both staffing and training) and back-end reporting from one of the globally recognised platforms (you will know them, and there's a good chance your hotel is already using them or one of their competitors). 

What happened? Over the next few months their rankings and scores drifted - lower and lower - in spite of everything they were doing in-house (by more than 30% on TripAdvisor and to similar degrees with their other scores and rankings).

The punchline? They're back in the HelpHound fold. 

This table illustrates the effect of professional review management on scores and rankings across some of the major platforms

Re-balancing the image of your hotel for everyone's benefit

People write reviews for two main reasons: because the are happy and they want to share their great experience or because they are unhappy and they have not found another outlet for their unhappiness.

In an ideal world both kinds of reviews would be written in equal proportions, but in the real world unhappy guests are are up to fifteen times more likely to write a review. This skews reviews - and the resulting crucial scores and rankings - against the hotels being reviewed, always giving a worse impression than reality (TripAdvisor's own figures say that 12% of reviews are negative - what hotel wold remain in business if 12% of their guest were unhappy)?

Professional review management simply enables your hotel to redress that balance - and, in so doing, give a fair and accurate impression to future guests. 

The advantage for your hotel? It's clear from both the chart and the table: join now, your hotel - and your guests - have everything to gain and nothing to lose. 


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