Wednesday 15 July 2015

Resolution™ - how it adds value for both business and consumer

Let us quickly recap on how Resolution™ works:

  1. The review is submitted
  2. The reviewer is verified by HelpHound as a bona-fide customer of the business
  3. The review is moderated by HelpHound to ensure it complies with HelpHound's T&C's
  4. If positive: the review is published on the business's website; if negative, containing inaccuracies or misleading statements (or, if positive, but contains issues that our client would rather address privately): the review is placed in Resolution™. Reviews in Resolution are immediately forwarded to the business for comment. Simultaneously, the reviewer is told the business will be responding to their review
  5. Once the business has responded: the reviewer is invited to submit their final review
 Now to the key question: Why is this process fair (and helpful) for both parties?
  • Negative reviews harm businesses; even one negative amongst many positives has the potential to do significant harm
  • In the early days of reviews there was a common misconception amongst businesses that the 'occasional negative' would be harmless (or even 'add credibility'); indeed, this can be the case with certain types of business: a review for a Japanese restaurant stating that the customer 'Did not like raw fish' might deflect little business, but a review of an estate agent erroneously accusing the business of 'coercing their client into selling at an artificially low price' has the potential to do significant harm to that business
  • It can therefore only be fair to allow the business an opportunity to address whatever issue their customer may have before any review is published
  • Negative reviews often contain inaccuracies and misstatements of fact; Resolution™ gives both parties an opportunity to correct these away from the glare of the web (we often see positive comments about this from reviewers)
  • Some have suggested that 'right-of-reply' is sufficient redress for the business; this would be the case if users then went on to reassess their original review. In reality they do not, so the only opportunity for both sides to establish the facts of the matter (and therefore generate accurate and useful review content for potential customers) is pre-publication
  • Resolution™ enables us to weed out 99% of fake negative reviews well before they might otherwise be published. Our appeals process (Retro-Resolution™) allows businesses to appeal reviews which they consider to be of questionable authenticity
  • With Resolution™ (and therefore also Dialogue™) the reviewer always retains the right to have their final review published
  • Consumers do not have to engage with the business through Dialogue/Resolution

The end result...

...on the business's website:

 Notice the key phrase: ' can be confident these reviews are genuine unfiltered opinions'

...and on Google:

Dialogue provides reliable reviews that consumers can trust. This enables them to make purchasing decisions based on those reviews, benefiting both the consumer and the business concerned.

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