Wednesday 15 July 2015

Three simple questions for those in Hospitality

If the answer to (any of) the following three questions is "Yes" then we positively guarantee your business will benefit from Dialogue™:
  1. Does you ranking on TripAdvisor matter?
  2. Does your Google score matter?
  3. Is customer/guest retention important?
Now we are fully aware that there are some establishments who think that they can exist apart from these three key indicators. That none of their guests or customers use the web, check reviews or compare establishments (shades of Ye Olde White Hart, with crusty regulars propping up the bar) and will always come back no matter what the competition are doing (or how you look).

But if you are part of a professionally run business in the 21st century you will care. And Dialogue is here to revolutionise the way you appear to potential customers and guests.

Dialogue™ will:
  1. Improve your relative ranking on TripAdvisor*
  2. Improve your score on Google*
  3. Increase guest retention
 *And on, Zagat, Expedia, Trivago,, Yelp and any other site that ranks or scores you - worldwide. 

 Currently ranking No1 in New York on TripAdvisor - we guarantee they would look even better with Dialogue

To find out just how we can guarantee that Dialogue will perform for you, regardless of whether you currently rank in the Top 5 establishments in your area or are suffering from 'negative review blues', contact or phone her on 0207 100-2233

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