Thursday 16 July 2015

Your image on mobile is SO important

When you spend hours every day in an office in front of a desktop computer it is sometimes easy to forget that more than half of all searches are now made on mobile - and just how different you (and your competitors) look there. For those of you in this category, here is an update.

Mobile search - hotel in [location]:

Marriot must be pleased they are coming out on top - for the moment - but where will they be when Google begin to rank hotels by score?

Infinite scroll:

Any score below 4.0 is going to deflect business. To be sure of actively attracting custom businesses should be aiming for a score of 4.5 or better

 Mobile search - estate agent in [location]:

Are Greene & Co relaxed about their presence in mobile search? You bet they are!

Infinite scroll:

Do any of these agents realise how unimpressive they look to any potential client searching on mobile?

Mobile search - financial adviser in [location]:

We're sure Holder & Combes are getting more inbound enquiries than John Lamb and Burlington Associates

Infinite scroll:

We have a suspicion that none of these businesses realise just how unimpressive they appear in mobile search; after all if they did, surely their marketing people would take action?


Infinite scroll: in most mobile searches Google is now providing infinite scroll. This allows any user to keep on scrolling (using a vertical swipe) until they find a business that suits their requirements.

And what are those requirements? That the business in question is well regarded by its customers!

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