Friday 24 July 2015

The weekend weather - there's a lesson in it

Like a few of you, we're sure, we've been checking the weather for the weekend. But 'What on earth can we learn from that?' we hear you say. Well, let's look:

Apart from the fact that it looks like tomorrow we're going to get some respite from the torrential rain we've been having all day, there is a simple but crucial lesson for businesses that rely on the web: it is the first result that counts.

The first result here: a Google feed from No further click (even to our beloved BBC) necessary.

Apply this to your own business, from accountancy...

Appearing anywhere but in the A-G results here is going to cost you money (Google Ads). Appearing in A-G (we call it the 'Magic 7') but without great reviews is arguably even more costly for your business.

To zoos...

And you will find that it's Google (and Google reviews) that counts, every time. If, unlike (perhaps) London Zoo, you could do with a few more customers, speak to Karen Hutchings on 020 7100-2233 or email her at She will show you how to get your business looking great, on your own website and on Google.

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