Tuesday 7 June 2016

Success stories: Greene & Co - an update

Here's where Greene & Co were two years ago and this time last year.

And here's where they are now:

West Hampstead 

296 reviews on their own website:

The 'Leave a review here' button is important - prospective clients must be reassured that any client can leave a review at any time - otherwise there will be a lack of credibility - which competitors will be quick to highlight

And on Google:

Crouch End

204 reviews on their own website 

And on Google:

Belsize Park

120 reviews on their own website 

And on Google:


Maida Vale

391 reviews on their own website 

And on Google:

Remember what Abraham Lincoln said back in 1865? "You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time." An agent with five, or ten or even twenty reviews may, in the eyes of the most cynical of prospective clients, be attempting to 'fool some' or even 'all', but an agent with 187? It is vital that you are able to stand four-square behind your reviews; and to do that effectively you must be able to demonstrate that you get reviews from a truly representative proportion of your clients. The combination of volume with the open invitation will convince all but the most hardened of cynics that you do a 'really great/truly professional/value for money' job for your clients (not our words, those of Greene & Co's clients).

Kensal Rise

207 reviews on their own website 

And on Google:

Kentish Town

40 reviews on their own website

And on Google:

On top of this - here is an example of how they show in generic search:

 Imagine you are a prospective client - do you need to click on 'More places' now you've seen this search result?

If you run a great agency and would like to look like Greene & Co - in search and on your own website - speak to Fiona Christie or Karen Hutchings on 020 7100-2233.

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