Monday 13 June 2016

An impressive double century: and the lessons to be learned from it

Those of you who read the last article - Success Stories, an update - in detail will be aware of just how close to 200 Google reviews the Maida Vale branch of Greene & Co was.

Well, over the weekend just past, up came that impressive number:

Along with an equally impressive number on their own website:

403 Reviews

Well done Greene & Co Maida Vale!

The lessons for everyone else

This is just one branch of Greene & Co, and they did not achieve this level of success overnight, two years ago they had just four reviews (and no Google score - it's currently an impressive 4.9). Their other branches have all achieved similar levels of success - just google them.

So what did they do?
  1. They made sure their staff - each and every one - understood just how powerful reviews could be in driving new business through their door
  2. They made sure all their clients were expecting to be asked to write a review - and just how valued their opinion was
  3. They set realistic targets and staff incentives

So the lesson is clear: adopt Dialogue and follow the 'instructions on the tin' and there is no reason at all why your business won't be attracting business because of your great reviews, just like Greene & Co Maida Vale, and Crouch End, and Kensal Rise and West Hampstead, and Kentish Town...

And look like this in search...

And then like this when your prospective client clicks on the reviews link so helpfully provided by Google...


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