Monday 23 May 2016

You cannot believe their reviews!

Credibility is something sadly lacking in the world or reviews today. Article after article is written in the mainstream press highlighting just how many positive reviews are written by:
  • the business themselves
  • 'friends'
  • outside agencies employed by the business
And negatives written by:
  • competitors
  • disgruntled (ex-)members of staff
As most of your will know, Dialogue addresses all of these, either through moderation or Resolution™. 

But what should you be saying to prospective customers who query the validity of your reviews? How about...
  • You can believe our reviews on our own website because they are independently validated by HelpHound
  • You can believe our reviews on Google because most - if not all - of them have been posted there by customers who have at first posted a review to our website - and are therefore verified customers of ours
As we have said before - independent verification and validation are the two crucial keys to credibility. Without those you will find it difficult, if not impossible, to stand behind your reviews - on your website or on any other platform (Google, for instance). You cannot convincingly answer this question:
  • Do you invite all your customers to write reviews (to your website and to Google)?
Without that, you leave yourselves wide open to being 'damned with faint praise' by your competitors:
  • "They look great on their own website, but just try writing a negative review there."
  • "They look great on Google, but they only invite their happy clients to write reviews there."
Once your customers  - and your competitors! - understand that HelpHound:

  • verifies - as far as is humanly possible - that the review is written by a genuine customer
  • enables anyone to write a review on the company's own website
  • automatically invites everyone who has a review published on one of our clients' website to copy that review to Google

   You might be forgiven for thinking that the most important aspect of HelpHound is the ability to show great reviews like this on your website and on Google...

   ...but without the wording next to our logo all credibility is lost

It is that 'anyone' and everyone' that gives all your reviews credibility - on your own site and on Google. Anything less and credibility is gone. 


To get the full picture, this article should be read in conjunction with 'Winning' - and pay special attention to the numbers under the paragraph headed 'Our Advice'.

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