Thursday 12 May 2016

Why not just get reviews direct to Google?

It's time to address this perennial question again. The hugely positive point to note is that businesses are finally waking up to the power of Google - some businesses that is; there are still thousands of deniers who think looking completely anonymous is acceptable. These need to ask themselves the simple question: "If I were faced with two businesses, one looking like mine:

And one looking like this:

Which - all other things being equal - gets the call?"

Given that it only takes minutes a week and pounds a month - there should be no barriers at all.

Right - so now we know we need reviews on Google - back to the central question posed by this article: why not invite our customers to go there and post them direct?

Two - very important - reasons:

 verification = credibility = enquiries = business

First: great reviews on Google drive people to your website, but great independently verified reviews on your website drive enquiries and business. Some people doubt this at first, but not when their customer tells them - and, let's face it, just how much extra business do you need to do to cover the cost and effort?

  Our clients can stand four-square behind their reviews and ratings - on their own sites and on Google - because we promise to publish every genuine review their client asks us to and we invite all of them to copy their review to Google - no filtering, no cherry-picking. That's credibility!

Second: your business reputation is hard-won, and it can be damaged by an inaccurate or misleading review. You should read this for the full story, but suffice to say that having the ability to address negative reviews before they are published - on your own website and on Google - is crucial.

So: adopt Dialogue and look like Greene & Co!

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