Thursday 19 May 2016

Estate Agents: Your clients' opinions justify your fee

  How do you justify your fee?

We make no apologies for returning to a theme addressed in this article just over a year ago.

With fees being - along with online v. high street (and isn't that about fees as well?) - just about the most contentious issue in estate agency at the moment (any moment?), it makes sense to look at them in the context of reviews.

Review content supports your fee levels

Everyone - and we are no exception - tends to focus on numbers of reviews" "We have 300 reviews on our website", "We score 4.8 on Google", when we should sometimes be focusing on the contents of the reviews themselves. 

Just read this: 

 And this...

Having a great score on Google and on your HelpHound module helps, but it's the individual reviews that provoke potential clients into picking up the phone/click on 'contact us'.

And what to do with a review like that?
  • Put it in your window?
  • Highlight it all over your website?
  • Reference it in your mailers/leaflets?
It's up to you. Reviews do not - and should not - stop at your module!

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