Tuesday 29 July 2014

Dialogue™ - welcome consumer feedback - all the time

Or this?

We all welcome customer feedback, don't we? Do we really welcome all the customer calls that we get? Well let's have a closer look...
  • The one that interrupted that crucial meeting?
  • The one that made you late for your child's first school play?
  • The one from 'Mr Angry' - every day for a week?
  • The one that means you have to skip lunch - again?
Now, we know just as well as you do that 'every customer's opinion is vital' and 'there's no such thing as unwelcome feedback'. But what if we could show you a way that would manage customer feedback that would...
  • be actively welcomed by your customers as an improvement on your current system(s)
  • be cost-effective
  • be welcomed by your customer services staff
  • work 24/7 and 365 days a year (including Christmas Day)
  • be used by every category of customer 
  • be able to be infinitely tailored and varied - to be used to gain real-time feedback on product/service enhancements, for instance 
There is a reason why some businesses feel that they have to bury the 'contact us' button on their websites, or channel uninvited feedback through multiple-layer phone systems. And it's not because they don't want to provide great customer service; it's because they haven't found a customer feedback solution which, if promoted to the top of their site, won't cause them logistical headaches (jammed phone lines, harassed staff).

There is now

Dialogue performs all the functions above and more; enabling real-time communications in both directions; it's the modern way. Dialogue combines all the best aspects of customer service and best marketing practice.

Dialogue enables your customer...
  • to contact you when it suits them (after normal working hours/at weekends, in fact whenever they choose)
  • to be immediately reassured that whatever the nature of their communication, it will be dealt with promptly and professionally
 Dialogue enables you...
  • to openly invite customer feedback all the time, irrespective of capacity or office hours
  • without employing more staff or outside agencies
  • to manage response flows: giving essential communications priority
  • collect data whenever you want - at the touch of a button 
  • to survey customers at will
  • to publish verified feedback and results that will drive more business
And let's just dispel one myth: the one where the consumer says "I much prefer dealing with a real-live human being." What they're really saying is "I much prefer getting whatever issue I bought to the business resolved." Did you really object when your GP or garage introduced online appointment booking? Or did you prefer hanging on for a 'human being' whilst listening to musak?

Dialogue will make sure your customer services staff are available to make and take the calls that really matter (and it will feed leads to sales); and it will revolutionise customer feedback in ways that you could only dream of before.

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