Tuesday 15 July 2014

Estate agents - instantly changing your image with Dialogue

In less than 24 hours!

From this (Monday 14 July)...

To this (Tuesday 15 July)...

In natural listings

Interesting to note that Google is now the only referencing being offered 'above the fold' - click to enlarge


Up until recently Shepherds' secondary invitation in Dialogue had been asking their clients to post their reviews to a small 'open' estate-agency-specific site.

On our advice* Shepherds decided to re-focus those efforts towards Google, and to kick-start that process we emailed an initial batch of clients who had already posted a review through Dialogue. 

*Our advice was based on a combination of factors: feedback from our client saying that the influence of the site in question was on the wane (partly as a result of its results ranking ever-lower in Google search) and our conviction that Google will be the dominant player in business referencing for the foreseeable future.

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